Jennifer Lopez’s 4-Year-Old “Problem Twins” Wreaking Havoc on World Tour?

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Jennifer Lopez has “absolutely no control” over her four-year-old twins, blares a headline from RadarOnline.

A so-called “eyewitness” for the webloid claims the kids “have been running amok” on the singer’s world tour with Enrique Iglesias, supposedly “wrecking equipment and providing a general nuisance to the stage hands.”

RadarOnline notes, “It’s a miracle the problem twins haven’t been electrocuted yet!”

And the alleged source goes on to claim that while Lopez is rehearsing “the kids are left pretty much to their own devices without much supervision.”

“That’s when all hell breaks loose and Max and Emme embark on a self-destructive path,” says the “insider,” who adds, “They run around, kicking out wires, getting in the way of stagehands and are a real problem.”


“Hell breaks loose”?

“Self-destructive path”?

The children are all of four years old.

Anyway, the alleged witness concludes, “The twins are complete brats with zero discipline, and Jennifer isn’t behaving like a responsible parent.”

Actually, it’s RadarOnline who’s the irresponsible one here.

The mag takes its “evidence” that J.Lo’s little ones are crazed mini-tyrants from an unnamed (and by his or her quotes, very dubious) source, and doesn’t even bother to fact-check its preposterous claims.

Well Gossip Cop actually did some research, and a source close to Lopez tells us that Max and Emme have nannies and even “their own security” on the tour.

Our insider calls the webloid’s story “crazy” (not to mention “inaccurate”), adding, “Who would put 4-year-olds’ lives in danger?”

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