How This Season Of "The Bachelorette" Ended

Let's all enjoy watching someone get dumped on national television. Also, engaged (but that's not nearly as fun, is it?) Spoilers ahoy!

After nearly 80 minutes of programming, Emily decided that it was time to let Arie go because Jef (with one F!) was the one for her. It wasn't pretty, but the show provided some accidental comic relief when the tape switched back to the studio and we were shown the sad, shocked faces of audience members who are clearly far too emotionally invested in the show. (They are attending the live finale, after all.)

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Goodbye, Arie. Don't worry, though! You handled your dumping with enough dignity that you will almost certainly be the next Bachelor.

Now that you've seen the worst — and by worst I really mean best — part of the finale, let's move on to the proposal by Jef. Yes, Jef, with one F. WHY does he insist on having only one F? If I were Jef, I would legally add another F to my name as soon as I turned 18 but he didn't so I guess he likes it ...which means we can all have a good laugh. Silly Jef with one F!

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