Hayden Panettiere: My Nashville Character Is NOT Based on Taylor Swift


Hayden Panettiere may be playing a young, blonde country-pop singer on the new show “Nashville” — but don’t assume her character is based on a certain superstar.

“I’ve heard the Taylor Swift thing quite a bit,” Panettiere told reporters during a Television Critics Association event on Friday.

But the actress said the comparison is off-base.

Panettiere explained, “I think aside from being around the same age and blonde… they’re very different. I think once you see her and get to know [my character] a little bit better, you’ll see that.”

She added, “I really think Taylor would disagree wholeheartedly as well. She’s much nicer than my character.”

Given how Panettiere’s Juliette Barnes seems to revel in questionable, manipulative behavior in the show’s trailer, we’re guessing Swift is happy to have any comparisons put to rest.

“Nashville,” pitting Panettiere’s up-and-comer against a veteran country music headliner played by Connie Britton, premieres in October.

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