A Legally Blind Archer Just Broke The First World Record Of The 2012 Olympics

South Korea's Im Dong Hyun is legally blind and a world-class archer. Oh, and he just broke a world record.

Image by Paul Gilham / Getty Images

In the first round of the individual archery competition, each competitor shoots 72 arrows at a target. Their score will seed them for the coming elimination rounds. Even though the opening ceremonies aren't until later tonight, this preliminary round began earlier today, and the legally blind Im Dong Hyun of Korea broke his own 72-arrow world record by posting a score of 699, which being a world record, is probably very high.

The Korean archer has myopia and 20/200 vision in his left eye. As a result, he can barely see the target and only makes out the vague colors. Despite this obvious hurdle, Im doesn't use glasses or contacts. In fact, he's declined offers for free corrective surgery, and instead relies on his ability to "feel" each shot. So he's basically the Luke Skywalker of archery, which is pretty great.

And if you needed another reason to root for the legally blind guy who is breaking world records in a sport where sight is, you know, important, this is what Im had to say about London:

Image by Paul Gilham / Getty Images

How can you not love Im Dong Hyun? Legally blind. World record holder. Olympic slogan writer: "London 2012: Rain and Gentlemen."

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