90-Year-Olds Get Married, Your Heart Melts

Robert Blurton, age 92, and Eileen Johnson, 91, got married this weekend at the Idaho retirement home where they met.

These two lovebirds met only a few months ago when Robert Blurton moved into the Salmon Creek retirement home in West Boise, ID where Eileen Johnson was living. The former Navy pilot and former beauty queen hit it off and decided to give love another shot after both losing their spouses.

Accordng to the Idaho Statesman:

Their hobbies now are simpler. “Holding hands,” Eileen said as she squeezed Bob’s hand. They enjoy watching movies on Turner Classic and political commentator Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Image by Chris Butler / AP

Image by Chris Butler / AP

Image by Chris Butler / AP

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Via: idahostatesman.com


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