17 Of The Saddest Ex-Celebrities On Twitter

At the height of their prime these people would have at least a million twitter followers each. Now? Not so much.

It breaks my heart to see these stars so low on the Twitter totem pole when they were such an iconic part of our childhoods. From Ian Ziering hawking anti-aging cream (rumor is he will actually call you if you fill out an inquiry) to Alfonso Ribiero selling a weight loss kit via their accounts, you can't help but think about how much more famous they would be if they had become stars today.

When you have a huge following like new celebs do now, it provides the opportunity to stay relevant even if you don't have a hit show currently on air. These people unfortunately missed that boat and may never get that chance again.

1. Alfonso Ribeiro

1. Alfonso Ribeiro

Where you remember him from: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
What he likes to tweet about: His latest appearance on the show Kitchen Cousins

Via: @alfonso_ribeiro

2. Ian Ziering

2. Ian Ziering

Where you remember him from: Beverly Hills, 90210
What he likes to tweet about: Finding people to Skype with from around the world

Via: @ian_ziering

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