"Zombie Boy" Story Is Actually Pretty Sad

It's fascinating, but tragic. While the tale of a 2-year-old Brazilian who woke up at his own funeral might fit into the whole zombocalypse narrative, it doesn't have a happy ending.

Kelvin Santos.

Via: orm.com.br

BELEM, BRAZIL — Kelvin Santos, a 2-year-old boy admitted to the local hospital with respiratory problems, suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday, June 1st. After fifteen minutes of attempted resuscitation, Kelvin was declared dead.

On Saturday, June 2nd, Kelvin was transferred from the hospital to his family home for burial. During funeral preparations, Kelvin's aunt noticed that the child was breathing. Moments later he opened his eyes. He soon returned to a state of lifelessness.

Hours later, during the wake, Kelvin sat up in his coffin. He turned to his father and said, "Father, give me water." The room erupted in terrified screams. The boy then fell unconscious.

The family rushed Kelvin back to the hospital, but he was again declared dead. The family waited another hour in case he would again miraculously revive. He did not.

Kelvin Santos was buried later that day. The cause of death was listed as respiratory failure, dehydration and pneumonia.

His family has filed a malpractice complaint against the hospital.

The family of Kelvin Santos pickets the hospital that incorrectly declared him dead.

Via: orm.com.br


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