The Pimm’s Cup: The Perfect Cocktail For Summer Day Drinking

Equally delicious at Wimbledon, Kiwi Christmas barbecues, and summer garden parties.

Sipping on last week's red wine-and-Coke cocktail from Spain made me think of a Christmas spent in New Zealand, where the holidays fall smack in the middle of summertime. (So much more civilized.)

My sister Sara lived there at the time, and we were preparing for a holiday barbeque. I think we were in charge of potato salad, but, naturally, we also took responsibility for drinks. I vaguely remember the booze being Pimm's, a refreshing herbal-y English liquor — topped with sliced strawberries and something else.

I texted my older sister for guidance, and she replied:

She means "Schweppes."

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