The NBA "Style" Playoffs

Who's the most stylish dude in the NBA? Let's figure it out the only proper way: with a bracket.

At this point, the NBA style movement has basically become a meme. We wait to see what players will wear to the press conferences, and we marvel at Russ Westbrook's shirts, Kevin Durant's backpacks, Dwyane Wade's glasses. I think this is great, and so I decided to put all of the sartorially invested dudes up against one another to see whose steez is best. Three factors will be considered: 1) originality; 2) consistency; and 3) whether they've had a spread in GQ.

Also, a quick point of clarification: the major parlance in talking about players' style choices so far has been "hipster." None of the players dress like hipsters. To see what dressing like a hipster looks like, please consult Vice Magazine's Dos and Don'ts, which is the hottest hotbed of hipsterdom on the Internet.

SWEET 16: 1. Chris Bosh vs. 16. Ricky Rubio

SWEET 16: 1. Chris Bosh vs. 16. Ricky Rubio

ORIGINALITY: Bosh is the tallest guy in our bracket, and so he gets extra credit for pulling off the suited look without being too short or too long in the jacket. Rubio's steez is definitely of a different sort than most NBA players, which has to do with the fact that he's European and that he's a teddy bear.

CONSISTENCY: At times, Bosh lets his choices get out of control, i.e. a white dinner-jacket with contrast lapels. But he actually kills it most of the time he loses the tie, and that's a plus. Rubio's consistently adorable.

GQ SPREAD: Bosh: yes. Rubio: yes.

WINNER: Bosh. Against a weaker opponent, Rubio's casual scruffiness might've carried the day, but Bosh actually seems to put serious thought into his suits. There are a lot of missteps out there, though. A lot.

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