Selena Gomez Has Legs For Days Tops The Morning Links

Are those shorts casual and cute or does it look like she raided her mom's beach wear? Plus the first casting announcements for Catching Fire are starting to leak and Rihanna ALMOST has the hang of this crazy “shirt” invention.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 09: Singer/actresss Selena Gomez attends the Selena Gomez Fragrance Launch at Macy's Herald Square on June 9, 2012 in New York City.

(Getty Images / Fernando Leon)

Jenny McCarthy is going completely natural in her Playboy spread this month, meaning she didn't shave. - [TheSuperficial]

To celebrate Father's Day this month, here's a look at how Steve Martin characters are a better dad than you had growing up. - [BuzzSugar]

On the one hand Shia LaBeouf is raising awareness for a great cause but on the other hand, he still looks like a complete tool. - [JustJared]

James Franco proves he's a completely sane human being by carving Brad Renfro's name into his arm and uploading the resulting photo to the Internet. - [Gothamist]

Wait what? WHO is dating Shaun White? Does he have blackmail on her or something? - [TMZ]

Let the Catching Fire casting announcements begin! - [Deadline]

Remember that semi-truck Lindsay Lohan rear-ended? Yeah looks like she not only lied to police but violated her probation. It'd be more shocking if she HADN'T done those things. - [WWTDD]

In case you need an adorableness injection, here's Ben Affleck destroying ovaries everywhere by being a great dad. - [Celebitchy]

Oh good! Rihanna found a's a transparent shirt. So close, but yet so far. - [Dlisted]

Headline Story: A celebrity just hasn't made it until they get their own fragrance line. - [GoFugYourself]


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