Rihanna Used “Body Double” in Armani Underwear Ad?

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Brace yourself: MediaTakeOut has “BREAKING NEWS!”

The site, continuing to abuse its caps key, reports that Rihanna “used a BODY DOUBLE” in her sexy Armani underwear ad because “her BUTT WAS TOO FLAT!!!”

Picking up on a story from The Sun, MTO claims the singer’s “cakes were too FLAT,” and therefore, an Irish model named Jahnassa Aicken filled in for the close-up body shots.

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According to a supposed source for the tab, “Jahnassa’s torso, body and bum appear in parts of the ad.”

The insider goes on to claim that Rihanna’s management team insisted Aicken “sign an order banning her from talking about the job,” for which the model was paid a “modest sum.”

“It’s shocking Rihanna wanted one considering she loves posing with no clothes, plus she’s in great shape,” adds the alleged source.

Yes, that is quite shocking.

It’s also completely UNTRUE.

Rihanna’s posterior in the Armani ad looks exactly the same as it does in every photo shoot, music video, and Twitter picture in which she proudly shows it off.

Why would she have a body double for just this one shoot, out of the hundreds she’s done over the years?

In any case, a Rihanna insider laughed off the rumor to Gossip Cop, telling us it’s completely BOGUS.

Check out Rihanna’s Armani commercial below.

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