MAG: Sandra Bullock “In Tears” Over Ex Matthew McConaughey’s Marriage

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The National Enquirer continues its extremely annoying habit of attempting to portray Sandra Bullock as a desperate single woman.

The tabloid, which in the past has wrongly reported that Bullock was reconciling with her cheating ex-husband Jesse James and that she was lovesick over Ryan Reynolds, now claims the actress was “rocked” by Matthew McConaugheys recent marriage to Camila Alves.

How come?

Because Bullock and McConaghey dated in the ’90s, of course!

According to the mag, Bullock “was in tears” over McConaughey’s wedding because she had secretly “hoped to reunite” with her A Time to Kill costar.

A so-called “source” for the tabloid says Bullock regarded the actor as her “soul mate,” explaining, “Even after she married Jesse James, and Matthew moved on to Camila, Sandra still carried a torch for him.”

“She cried tears of joy when he married Camila, but there were also tears of what might have been,” adds the purported insider.

The Enquirer’s source goes on to claim that Bullock and McConaughey had a My Best Friend’s Wedding-style agreement, wherein they “promised each other that if they weren’t happily married by their mid-40s they’d settle down together.”

Now, Bullock is supposedly so devastated about losing McConaughey for good that she cannot bear to live in the same city as him.

The tab’s made up source claims “it’s no coincidence” that Bullock recently put her Austin home on the market, because continuing to live near the actor, who also resides in the city, “was just too much for Sandra.”


This story is so stupid and far-fetched that we don’t even know where to begin.

Let us start with the fact that Bullock and McConaughey dated in 1995 — that’s 17 years ago.

Allow Gossip Cop to also point out that the Wedding Planner star has two small children with Alves.

We’re supposed to believe that Bullock has been waiting almost 20 years for McConaughey, and wanted him to leave his kids and longtime love for her?


In any case, a Bullock insider tells Gossip Cop that absolutely NOTHING about the tab’s tale is accurate.

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