MAG: Drew Barrymore Got “Cold Feet” Before Wedding After Talking With An Ex

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“Drew’s Last-Minute Wedding Drama,” screams a headline from Star about Drew Barrymore, who tied the knot on June 2.

According to the tabloid, shortly before the actress wed art dealer Will Kopelman, she had a heart-to-heart phone call with ex-boyfriend Justin Long that “shook her up” and left her “questioning everything.”

“He wasn’t calling to beg for another chance; he just wanted to gently tell her that he thought she was making a mistake,” a so-called “source” tells Star, adding, “Her track record with marriages hasn’t hasn’t been very good, and Justin just wanted to voice his opinion that she should think long and hard before committing herself again.”

The supposed “source” is further quoted as saying that it “sounds pretty harsh,” but Long knows how difficult Barrymore’s previous two divorces were, and feels “she’s not really cut out for marriage.”

Long’s words had an effect on her, says Star, which reports, “Drew began getting cold feet about the marriage. She started going back and forth about everything, making herself miserable and putting the plans in jeopardy.”

Ultimately, says the magazine, Cameron Diaz “talked sense into Drew,” who’s now ready for married life and motherhood.

What a dramatic story.

And what an even bigger fabrication.

A mutual pal of Gossip Cop and Barrymore’s, who’s in constant contact with the actress, tells us the Star story is “absolutely untrue.”

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