Kanye West Blasts Concert-Goer For Messing Up His “Flawless Victory” (VIDEO)


Kanye West has no problem stopping his concert to ream out a fan who’s disrupting his flow.

After cursing at a crowd member for shining a laser pointer during West’s “Watch the Thone” show in Paris, the rapper similarly unleashed his wrath on a concert-goer in Dublin on Friday.


West was performing “Good Life” when an Irish fan threw a coin up on the stage, causing the rapper to flub his lyrics.

He was not happy.

West yelled to the crowd, “I ain’t going to make no excuses but some dumb motherf**ker just threw a f**king coin up here and threw me all the way off. Don’t throw no hard shit up here while we’re performing seriously.”

“You f*cked it up for everybody. I was having a perfect show, a flawless victory. Don’t throw no sh*t on the stage please,” added West.

Check out the explicit video below.

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