Father’s Day Gift Guide

Divided into sections according to how much you love him (or how much cash you have to drop on a Father's Day gift).

Level 1: Not Much Love/Not Much Money

Level 1: Not Much Love/Not Much Money

World's Best Dad baseball cap. For a dad who's always been there for you, but damnit you just had to replace the brakes on your car and you don't have much cash.
Cost: $12

Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Father's Day card. This should at the very least be included with all other presents on this list. But if times are tough/you just reconnected with your dad after he left your mom 16 years ago/you have a step-dad and he's kind of a jerk, the card might be the route for you. It says, "I care, but not much."
Cost: $3

Note: If you really hate him, make sure it's written in Comic Sans.

Source: birthdaychoice.net

What do dads like? Sports and being able to tell you how great they used to be at sports. Buy him a football and you'll get to see him in action. This is a great opportunity to embarrass a bad father, or to grow closer with a good one.
Cost: $15

Source: americansportscollectibles.com

Level 2: I Love You/I Just Got Paid

Level 2: I Love You/I Just Got Paid

It's not a super fancy set, but it's everything you need* to pack up the ol' station wagon and head out on an adventure with dad. Definitely something to buy if you want to spend more time together. Pair this with a weekend reservation at a nearby state park and you'll look like you actually put some effort into Father's Day.
Cost: $100 for the camping set, $30 for state park reservations

*S'more ingredients to be purchased separately.

Source: uncrate.com

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