Fake Shell Website Makes Fun Of Arctic Drilling

A bogus website pretending to belong to Shell is asking for user submissions in support of arctic drilling. That goes about as well as expected.

Yesterday on NeoGAF, screenwriter Gary Whitta posted about a new website for Shell which asked for user-submitted ads in support of Arctic drilling.

The website was quickly revealed to be a hoax, however, since the WHOIS data for Shell's official website failed to match up with the anonymous WHOIS results for arcticready.com. The first few tweets on the site's Twitter account, @articready, are also blatant about being anti-drilling, using the hashtag #shellfail.

Still though, the site appears legit on first glance, and that hasn't stopped users from making satirical ads about the perils of arctic drilling using the sites own creation tools.

The site says:

Shell’s Let's Go! Arctic campaign comes after exhaustive market research, in which we found out that people like straight talk about oil, and that what they prize most is honesty and enthusiasm about the challenges in obtaining it, with sensitivity to environmental and cultural ramifications riding a distant second.

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Source: arcticready.com  /  via: neogaf.net


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