CLAIM: Ryan Seacrest “Jealous” of Tom Cruise, Set to Propose to Julianne Hough

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The National Enquirer claims Julianne Hough’s “sexy antics” with Rock of Ages co-star Tom Cruise were part of a scheme to make Ryan Seacrest jealous enough to propose to her.

According to the tabloid, Hough wanted to turn the tables on her beau after Seacrest jokingly faked out Hough with a non-proposal on “American Idol.”

Now Seacrest is supposedly “set to propose for real,” all because Hough played up her chemistry with Cruise in interviews.

Of course, this is the same magazine that wrongly claimed Seacrest proposed to Hough way back in 2010 — but let’s see what the Enquirer has to say now.

“Ryan was sitting on the fence about when to pop the question — until Julianne started talking about her sexy scenes with Tom,” explains a so-called “longtime pal,” who adds, “Now he’s finally ready to put a ring on it!”

The Enquirer source says Seacrest’s recent purchase of Ellen DeGeneres’ huge estate signals he “wants to settle down there and start a family,” and that Hough “pushed him into it by making him insanely jealous!”

Um, how did she do that?

The actress “began gushing” in interviews about working with Cruise in Rock of Ages, talking up their steamy scenes.

According to the Enquirer source, “That was all Ryan had to hear! After that, he declared that he was going to make Julianne his bride.”


We’re fairly certain Seacrest did not make the biggest decision of his life based on press junket interviews for Rock of Ages, somehow mistaking Hough’s on-screen behavior with Cruise for a serious threat to his long-term, real-life relationship with her.

A source close to the couple laughed off the Enquirer’s latest story, telling Gossip Cop that while they’re very happy, there’s been no change to Seacrest and Hough’s official status.

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