CLAIM: Lady Gaga to Wear Hat Made Out of Live Cockroaches

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(The Sun)

The Sun is really starting to bug us with its preposterous Lady Gaga stories.

After ridiculously reporting the pop star fears she’ll die like Princess Diana and that her mom babysits her on tour, the paper now says Gaga wants a hat made out of live insects.


Yes, according to the tabloid, “The singer has instructed her designers to come up with a hat filled with cockroaches.”

But wait — it gets even more absurd.

The Sun claims that the reason Gaga wants a cockroach accessory is because “she’s grown fond of the insects since being informed of a study which proved they respond to her music more than songs by any other artist.”

Of course they do.

Anyway, a so-called “source” for the tab explains, “Lady Gaga has been looking to top her famous meat dress for some time — and this could be it.”

“She dubbed cockroaches ‘My real life monsters’ after hearing of the recent study,” notes the alleged insider, who adds, “She wants to incorporate them in a headpiece by having them crawling around inside a netted cage.”

OK — that’s enough.

Not only is this story totally gross, it’s just beyond stupid.

Lady Gaga isn’t constructing a wearable shrine of cockroaches because they “like” her music.

That’s absurd.

Regardless, a rep for Gaga tells Gossip Cop the bug rumor is simply “untrue.”

Another silly tale from The Sun gets squashed.

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