Charlie Sheen Erupts at L.A. Kings Security Guard: “F**king Blow My Balls!” (VIDEO)



Charlie Sheen went to the Los Angeles Kings game on Wednesday — and got into an altercation with a security guard.


The actor had stepped outside the arena for a smoke when the female guard refused to let him re-enter Staples Center, sticking to the venue’s strict no-readmittance policy.

Sheen was not happy.

“What does common sense dictate?” Sheen can be heard asking the employee repeatedly, before he explodes, ”You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright? You f**king a**hole!”

The “Anger Management” star explained himself to paparazzi afterwards, after pulling away from friends trying to restrain him.

“It’s common sense and common courtesy, they’re, like, gone in society,” Sheen tells the cameraman. “That’s what I was trying to impress upon [the guard]… Let a guy back in a door he just walked out of… it’s about common sense, that’s all.”

Earlier in the evening, Sheen had an expletive-laced interaction with a fan on his way into the game.

The man asked Sheen whether he’d ever “done bath salts,” to which Sheen replied, “Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party, you moron?… Go f**k yourself!”

“Anger Management” indeed.

Check out the videos below!

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