Charlie Sheen: Anger Management Is My “Swan Song”


Charlie Sheen is ready to retire — maybe.

The actor says his upcoming FX show, “Anger Management,” will be his “swan song.”

“I’ve been doing this 30 years. And there’s a lot more out there to do than make-believe, you know?” Sheen tells The New York Times.

While it’s always possible Sheen will change his mind, the actor says he’s looking forward to just focusing on “soccer games and amusement parks” with his kids.

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One thing that won’t be on his agenda?

Another live tour in the vein of his infamous “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” stage show, which he took around the country after his “Two and a Half Men” tenure imploded last year.

“Hell, no,” he tells the paper, saying the experience taught him to “stick to what you know.”

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Sheen, who says he refuses to take drug tests for his new employers, claims his bosses know it’s “not always going to be smooth sailing” with him, and that he refuses to “grow up.”

“I don’t believe in failure, fatigue or excuses. I don’t believe in them,” he says.

He continues, “You’re on two hours’ sleep and you’re shooting your eighth scene of the day — so what? Do it. The Nike slogan doesn’t say ‘Just Try It.’ ‘Just Good Luck With It.’ It says ‘Just Do It.’ And you do it.”

Are you looking forward to Sheen’s TV return in “Anger Management”?

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