Chad Ochocinco Is Negotiating With Pornhub About Changing His Name

Please let this continue. Please let this continue. Please let this continue.

Yesterday, we brought you news that a porn site called Pornhub (that I have most certainly never heard of) had sent Chad Ochocinco a letter offering to pay him $69,000 to legally change his name to Chad Seisnueve for one day. Well today, Chad responded.

Will Pornhub be willing to go that high? Is this the beginning of a very public negotiation? Why didn't Chad just tell them to add a zero at the end? The answers are obvious. (I doubt it. I wish. Because he's kind of an idiot.)

Pornhub has said, "Negotiations are ongoing between the company and the future Mr. Seisnueve."

I can't wait to see how this totally serious thing that will most certainly help Ochocinco get another job in the NFL plays out.

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