36 Hip Hop Lyrics About Bill Gates

Everyone aspires to be Bill Gates.

"All these bitches and niggas still hating / Yeah I used to be balling but now I'm Bill Gate-in"

Lil Wayne – "Bill Gates"

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"They lovin' my mixtapes, money like Bill Gates / I'm on top and it feels great"

Mac Miller - "Just My Imagination"

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"I'mma go get money from Bill Gates, get rich / So I can build me a psycho-loft / So I can go psycho with my Micro-soft"

Flavor Flav – "Flavor-Man"

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"It feel good eating steak / takin' myself on dates / $40,000 in the bank / like a young Bill Gates"

Riff Raff – "Bricks & Bad Bitches"

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