Titanic 3D Nude Scene Spoofed by Ellen DeGeneres

Who knew Ellen DeGeneres was such a good painter? 

DeGeneres released a sneak peak Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show of her faux cameo appearance in Titanic 3D. The comedian joked her supposed role was cut from the original film, but was put back in for the 3D re-release. 

In the parody, DeGeneres joins Leonardo DiCaprio in painting a nude Kate Winslet.

DeGeneres drops her tray of paints as Winslet drops her robe saying, "Holy Tide Boats."

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"You're not chilly?" she asks.

Ellen eventually starts feeling the romantic music and gives directions. "Squint your eyes like you're about to sneeze," she tells Winslet.

Titanic 3D earned third place at the box office over Easter weekend with $17.3 million -- trailing The Hunger Games, which landed in first for the third weekend in a row with an estimated $33.5 million, and American Reunion, which debuted in second place earning $21.5 million.

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Watch the spoof and tell Us: Do you think her drawing was accurate?


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