This Is How Amazingly Realistic Games Will Look Next Year

The picture-perfect skin is cool, but it's the water that got me. It's ABOUT TIME for some accurate sea foam rendering in games, you know?

Here we've got ourselves a preview of the latest version of CryEngine 3, a near ancestor of which was used to build the spectacular Crysis 2. Pretty incredible stuff, and you can experiment with the development tools today, assuming you've got a fairly high-end gaming machine.

While Crytek's engines tend to lead when it comes to super-high-end graphics, they don't have very many licensees. The Unreal engine, on the other hand, powers some of the most popular games in the world, all the way down to iOS titles. Here's what the Unreal folks are forecasting for the next version of their game engine:


Next year's games are looking pretty. Between photorealistic texturing like this and the facial motion capture used in last year's LA Noire, I think we might finally be starting to claw our way out of the Uncanny Valley. Or else we're about to tumble into a much deeper crevasse that we just didn't see before. I'm playing either way.


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