The Sarah Palin On "Today" Liveblog!

Will Ann Curry survive having to share her hosting duties? More importantly, will YOU?

Sarah Palin is co-hosting the "Today" show this morning so that NBC can hold onto its number one ratings slot while Katie Couric guest hosts "Good Morning America." Stay tuned here for live updates on any and all awkwardness that occurs.

7:02 a.m. Sarah Palin has been introduced and is sitting on the couch fumbling with a pile of newspapers. This, of course, is a cute response to Matt Lauer's joke yesterday about if she was preparing by reading the newspaper. So: tee hee, etc. She also cracked a joke about Tina Fey being in the building. Aaaand Julianne Moore is now crying in a corner somewhere.

7:08 a.m. Lauer is interviewing Palin about politics despite her saying yesterday she didn't want to get into any in-depth political discussion. (Note: the newspapers have disappeared.) Some highlights:
Palin on Romney: "Anything is still possible. But the numbers are what the numbers are and he's still the front-runner."
Lauer: Are you happy with that?
Palin: "Anybody but Obama."

She also says, "There is no perfect candidate," and Americans shouldn't put too much faith in politicians because "a politician will disappoint you." She adds, "The four gentlemen that are running, they all have their strengths and America would be better off with any of them."


7:16 a.m. Palin urges Americans "to fire that CEO of our country." She also advises Romney not to play it safe and says we need someone wiling to "go rogue and shake it up." That must be how she got her tan.

7:17 a.m. Matt Lauer said something about Palin coming back in "the 8 o'clock hour." BOO. And Savannah is now sitting in the chair Palin was just in and they are doing a story about the woman who works at McDonald's and claims to have lost her winning lottery ticket. Well, Katy Perry's video is playing on Vh1!

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