The Problem With "Peak Vagina On Television"

The creator of “Two and a Half Men” thinks “we're approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation.” Why he's just so, so wrong.

"Two and a Half" men creator Lee Aronsohn is negotiating with CBS to bring the show back for a tenth season, with Ashton Kutcher continuing in his role as Charlie Sheen's replacement. Part of why Aronsohn thinks the show ought to stick around, he told the "Hollywood Reporter," is because he's had e-nough all those shows written by chicks. "Enough ladies. I get it. You have periods," he said, adding that "we’re approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation."

Uh, WHAT? Anna North and I Gchat it out.

Two Broke Girls.


Amy: Okay, so a lot of horrible quotes to work with. Shall we address them piece by piece?
Anna: Oh, let's! Re: the bit about him not being a fan of shows like "Whitney" and "Two Broke Girls" — he said, "Enough ladies. I get it. You have periods."
Anna: I feel like he is referencing shows that have been highly criticized by women for being unfunny.
Amy: Basically he feels the need to continue inserting himself into a field that is hardly hardly hardly female-dominated. I mean, OH MY GOD CHICKS ARE WRITING SITCOMS!
Anna: Right and also, since TV (and Hollywood in general) have been male-dominated for so long, even any female-authored show is like "OMG periods."
"Too many periods in here, back to dudes please."
Back to Ashton Kutcher farting.
Amy: Don't get me started on Ashton Kutcher. I’m still amazed he made it through the Demi cheating scandal as well as he did.
Anna: But I feel like the other problem with Aronsohn's first point is like, no one thinks those shows are that amazing. Two mediocre shows does not equal, "Enough, women go away now."
Amy: I know!! Have you watched them?
Anna: Sigh, no — I just read Emily Nussbaum's review of “Whitney” and decided to not watch ever, which is maybe not fair.
Amy: I haven't watched “Whitney,” but I tried “Two Broke Girls” when I was home for some holiday, and it was just as offensive as everyone said it was. The hopeless Asian restaurant manager and all the "jokes" surrounding him, for one. Also:
And in the beginning there was speculation about if they'd have some sort of lesbian hookup, which also would never happen in a show about two dudes who are friends. But I also wondered if the writers knew that would figure into the appeal of the show.


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