Rooney Mara Is Unrecognizable And Other Links

But not in a bad way! Also, see where you can next catch your favorite “Hunger Games” stars on the big screen and science warns us to stay away from super intelligent alien dinosaurs. These and other stories await your clicking pleasure.

Your childhood dream of casting Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb will soon be a (virtual) reality. - [G4TV]

Science admits super intelligent space dinosaurs may exist; that we should probably avoid them. - [GlobalPost]

Remember the adorable young star of "My Girl"? Yeah, she's all grown up now. - [USMagazine]

The bad news is your job is killing you, the worse news being unemployed is killing you faster. - [TheAtlantic]

Now that they've rocketed to the kind of fame that burns out bright, what projects to the stars of "The Hunger Games" have lined up? - [BuzzSugar]

You can thank ancient Rome when the robot revolution is at hand. - [Slate]

Why did it take so long for mankind to invent the Krispy Kreme Donut S'more? - [Geekosystem]

The poster for Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" movie looks really, really familiar. Good job, creative team. - [JoBlo]

Whitney Houston's daughter caught on camera doing drugs! Oh wait, it's just pot. So, really guys? This is still a deviant thing? - [WWTDD]

Headline Story: After being the girl with the dragon tattoo, Mara dyed her hair red for her latest film. At least, they SAY it's Mara but she looks so different! - [StarPulse]


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