Ricki Lake Has The Most Romantic Elopement Photo And Other Links

Wait, is it still eloping if you have a wedding dress? Also, when giant bees attack and one Federal office has been without Internet for 80 days. This and other buzz you missed await your clicking pleasure.

Today's forecast is sunny with a 90% chance of GIANT BEE INVASION OH GOD JIM PUT DOWN THE CAMERA AND SAVE YOURSELF. - [G4TV]

People are totally making up stories about Lindsay Lohan again because she would never randomly attack people for no reason. - [WWTDD]

Six degrees of Titanic. It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon only slightly less depressing. - [History]

Federal office has been without Internet for almost three months; reverts to cave man techniques like using the Yellow Pages. - [TheAtlanticWire]

Need some sexy geek cred for your Facebook Timeline photo? Look no further! - [GeeksAreSexy]

This is your chicken nuggets on drugs. - [GOOD]

North Korea is going to launch an satellite of unknown use into space. Then later it's going to slam the door to its room and write bad poetry because America isn't its REAL Dad and totally not the boss of them. - [TheWeek]

Katniss says "Screw PETA". Not Peeta, to the dismay of shippers everywhere. But still, break out the popcorn. - [Videogum]

The "Constrictor" water slide broke this man's spine but he seems pretty happy about it. - [PhotoshopDisasters]

Headline Story: Ricki Lake eloped with Christian Evans but is it really eloping when you wear a wedding dress and take photos? My elopement etiquette is rusty. - [People]


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