Pippa Middleton “Gun” Said To Be Fake


On Monday, Gossip Cop reported that Pippa Middleton was in a bizarre incident in Paris over the weekend in which a friend of hers pointed what seemed to be a real handgun at photographers.

Middleton was riding around Paris in the front passenger seat of a convertible with three male friends when the driver brandished a gun at the paparazzi.

Now a spokesman for a French designer who was in the car tells the Associated Press that the pistol was a toy gun, and that Pippa and the other passengers were playing ”a game” with the paparazzi, who knew the weapon wasn’t real.

The rep for clothing company owner Arthur de Soultrait said he was told by his client and Middleton that they were joking around with the photographers, who had been trailing Middleton all weekend while she was in Paris celebrating Soultrait’s birthday.

Check out the PHOTOS of Middleton and her pals with the “gun”

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