MAG: Chris Brown Warns Ashton Kutcher to Stay Away from Rihanna

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Rihanna’s hot-and-heavy hookup with Ashton Kutcher has her violent ex, Chris Brown, steaming!” declares Star magazine.

The tabloid’s alleged “source” says Brown “sent a message” to Kutcher to back off Rihanna, using their mutual friend Diddy to intercede.

“At first, Ashton took it as a joke — but Diddy told him that Chris was dead serious and really worked up about the idea that Rihanna has moved on,” explains the Star insider.

Star says that even though Brown is dating Karrueche Tran, Rihanna’s inner circle believes he’s still “very much in love” with Rihanna, which is why he’s intent on interfering with Kutcher.

Rihanna was allegedly “so angry after learning of his challenge to Ashton, she called her jealous ex and told him to back off,” writes the tabloid.


So Chris Brown is warning Ashton Kutcher to back off Rihanna, and Rihanna is warning Chris Brown to back off Ashton Kutcher!?

Or maybe Star, which wrongly claimed last month that Rihanna and Brown were planning a secret wedding, just doesn’t know what it’s talking about when it comes to the exes.

It’s very convenient to allege that Brown is threatening Kutcher (through a third party, at an undisclosed date) when the current relationships among all of these parties remains somewhat up in the air.

But it’s simply not true.

A source close to Brown tells Gossip Cop the idea that he’s warning Kutcher about Rihanna is “so false.”

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