Maddox Jolie-Pitt “Crush” on Jennifer Aniston Driving Angelina Jolie Crazy?

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Last week, the National Enquirer claimed Angelina Jolie was upset about losing her son Pax to his birth mother.

To top itself, the tabloid now says Jolie is “fit to be tied” because her older son, Maddox, “has flipped for Jennifer Aniston.”


The Enquirer’s “sources” say, ”Little Maddox developed a king-size crush on the former ‘Friends’ star after he and his nanny watched Jen’s 2008 movie Marley & Me,” leading the 10-year-old to beg his parents to put up Aniston posters in his bedroom.

The tabloid claims her boy’s infatuation with her “love rival” is driving Jolie crazy.

Maddox is said to be oblivious to “the longtime rivalry between his mom and [Brad Pitt]’s ex-wife – or of Jen’s belief that Angelina stole Brad when they were still married eight years ago.”

The Enquirer source explains, “He simply likes Jen’s sweet face and look.”

But Jolie is “fuming” over Maddox’s “puppy love” for Aniston, alleges the same “source.”

Let’s stop this nonsense.

Maddox is 10 years old, and should probably be left out of the mindless, overheated Jolie vs. Aniston stories the Enquirer and other tabloids pump out every week.

Moreover, the idea that Jolie is obsessing over whether her children know who Aniston is remains as ridiculous as ever.

The adults in the Jolie-Aniston-Pitt story have all moved on, and the children are simply not a part of it, despite the tabs’ best efforts to turn it into some kind of multi-generational epic.

When Gossip Cop asked a source close to the family about this tall tale, we were told, “Is this some kind of late April Fools’ joke? It’s totally absurd.”

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