LOL! Andy Cohen Savagely Mocked on Saturday Night Live

What watch happened indeed!

Andy Cohen was the brunt of the joke on Saturday Night Live this weekend, when the Bravo star was impersonated by castmember Taran Killam in a hilarious sendup of Cohen's nightly Watch What Happens Live!

"I'm Andy Cohen, and I gave myself this show!" Killam declares, punctuating nearly every sentence with a maniacal laugh. "I hope you're all hungry, because I'm a cutiepie!"

He adds of the freewheeling show: "As a reminder, the show is live, so anything can happen -- but don't worry, nothing will!"

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He continues that, as usual, the chatfest features "one F-list Bravo personality and one astonishingly famous person you can't believe agreed to be on this show, hahaha!"

(The so-called A-lister on this skit is Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, whom Killam-as-Cohen says he met in the Hamptons.)

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Watch the spoof now -- in which Killam shrugs off the cancer battle of one Real Housewives of OC star to point out his own cuteness -- and tell Us: Good impression?

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