Kendall Jenner's Exotic Eye Make-Up And Other Links

Did she trip and fall into Ziggy Stardust's paint kit? Plus, autocomplete is training us to be dumb and birth control for men is real, effective, and terrifying. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

"Portlandia", "Game of Thrones" and "Jeopardy!" all won Peabody Awards. Which is great! What the hell does that mean? - [Videogum]

The last Ice Age may have ended due to the Earth's super hot gyrations. - [GlobalPost]

Let's get our "American Reunion" inception on by looking at the actual high school photos of the movie's stars. - [Snakkle]

Hey ladies, how much for a sext? What will five dollars get me? - [TheFrisky]

A completely subjective scientifically accurate list of the hottest female redheads in Hollywood. - [JoBlo]

Hey girl, the President thinks you should be able to play golf regardless of being the proud owner of a uterus and that boys' clubs are dumb. - [FoxNews]

Prince William and Duchess Katherine went skiing so of course the photogs followed and snapped approximately one million photos. - [PopSugar]

Medical break-through leads to effective male birth control. Vasalgel (an unfortunate naming choice) lasts for ten years and all you have to do is stick a needle in your penis and inject it full of gel. Can't wait to see that commercial! - [Nerve]

Autocomplete is making us as bad at spelling as calculators made us at mental math. Pop quiz! What's 9x7? Answer in less than two seconds or admit elementary school failed you. - [Slate]


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