Kanye West And Garth Brooks: Standing Outside The Wire.

My favorite country music star 15 years ago and my favorite rapper today. They have more in common than you might think. Breaking it down, song by song.

When I was fourteen, I'd have done anything for Garth Brooks. Anything. Last year, when I first heard My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, my simmering love for Kanye West reached its boiling point and I put him on a pedestal I never plan to take him down from... yes, even considering Kim Kardashian.

I started contemplating what these two men might have in common (and not). I thought I'd give the old "contrast and compare" exercise in critical thinking a try, and maybe figure out something about why these two seemingly opposite musicians have each appealed so much to my heart-parts.

Kanye West: "Through The Wire"

Garth Brooks: "Standing Outside The Fire"

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