Justin Bieber Might As Well Be Pants-Less And Other Links

The real travesty is Biebs doesn't seem to understand the purpose of the belt he's wearing. Also Bollywood extortion plots are way more intense than Hollywood ones, and Wisconsin is re-enacting “Footloose.”

Arlington police helped a boy with leukemia become Batman for a day, stop Joker/Riddler from committing crime. Faith in humanity restored. - [Geekosystem]

Christina Aguilera treated Justin Bieber like his touch was akin to being hugged by a leper. - [TheStir]

Japan may have found a cure for male pattern baldness and have it in human hands within three years. Quick, go CG hair on Jean-Luc Picard! - [GlobalPost]

13 pick-up lines these men thought were going to sound sexy but just made them sound disturbed. - [Glamour]

Bollywood actress was kidnapped and beheaded by two fellow actors. Placing bets on how long until this is turned into a Bollywood movie. - [FoxNews]

Melissa Etheridge's messy divorce from Tammy could actually be good for gay marriage. - [TheDailyBeast]

Judd Apatow hopes people rage against "Girls" every week. - [Vulture]

Wisconsin high school administrators thought "Footloose" was an instructional video on how to kill fun. - [HLNTV]

It's a brave new world when a fugitive escapes and brags on Facebook and the cops still can't find him. - [Discovery]

Headline Story: Sagging was stupid look when I was in high school and it's a stupid look now. - [WWTDD]


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