Justin Bieber “Jealous” of James Franco?

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“Justin’s Jealous of James,” reads a headline from In Touch about Justin Bieber and James Franco.

According to the tab, Bieber has been hanging out on the Florida set of Spring Breakers, starring his girlfriend Selena Gomez and Franco, because he’s “envious” and wants “to keep an eye out on her.”

The mag says Bieber “isn’t totally unjustified in his jealous behavior,” because Gomez and her co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson are “totally crushing” on Franco, who they think is “hilarious and cute.”

In Touch further notes that “there’s been a lot of flirting” on the set.

But is the “Boyfriend” singer really “jealous” and concerned about Franco?


Bieber’s rep tells Gossip Cop the In Touch tale is “total BS.”

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