Has Christina Aguilera Lost Weight And Other Links

Or did she just hire a new, better stylist? Also, live bugs as broaches are the latest fashion trend and a new theory on Blue Ivy Carter is so out there even Grassy Knoll believers will balk. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

Jaleel White talks about how Stefan Urquelle changed his life forever. - [WarmingGlow]

Sarah Burton used some extreme sneaky tactics when it came to keeping Kate Middleton's wedding dress a secret. - [Fashionista]

In Michigan a teacher's aide is fighting for her job after refusing to give up her Facebook password the school. Facebook, ruining lives since 2004. - [BusinessInsider]

Ahhh, the 90s. A simpler time, when dinosaurs had their own live action sitcom and catch phrases weren't ironic. - [Gurl]

"Two And A Half Men" co-creator takes a page from Charlie Sheen and kicks the hornets nest known as women. What is it about this show that breeds misogyny? - [HLNTV]

Art History is way more interesting when explained via "The Simpsons". - [Flavorwire]

Conspiracy theorists insist Blue Ivy Carter is just a super-realistic doll. Also, are insane. - [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

Living beetles decorated with jewels are the fashion rage with Mexico's elite. NOPE NOPE NOPE. - [Doobybrain]

Lori from "The Walking Dead" gives parenting advice. - [G4TV]

Headline Story: Whether it's weight loss, Spanx. toning down the make-up or all three, Xtina looks great in these papparazzi photos. - [Celebitchy]


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