Fashion Mailbag: Where Are All The Cool Belly Button Rings For Women Who Aren't 18?

If you've got a navel piercing you can own it and not look like a child. Here's how.

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I’m in my late twenties and have my belly button pierced. What are some age appropriate navel rings/barbells? I.e. ones that do not look like they only belong on an 18 year old.

I know as a fashion journalist I'm supposed to have a snobby side in me that makes me say, "You should stitch your bellybutton hole closed and pretend you never got it punched in the first place." But who would I be kidding? LOTS of us got our navels pierced when we were teenagers, still wear some sort of ring or barbell in there, and basically forget about it until summer rolls around. I know I do. My friends do. And you’re right, that when the mood suddenly strikes you to update your navel jewelry, the stores that specialize in them accost us with shit like this:

Belly rings with actual words like "princess" and other infantilizing terminology.


Or text messages.


Or come with dangling cliché objects like flowers.


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