Donald Trump Expects To Let Transgender Women From Anywhere Compete For Miss Universe

He hasn't made his decision yet, but is evidently feeling the pressure from the supporters of the headline-making transgender Canadian contestant.

This week, Miss Universe revoked Jenna Talackova's disqualification from Canada's pageant for being transgender. Talackova is not only hot, but also evidently has the sort of charisma and inner drive for which pageant contestants are supposed to be most celebrated: with Gloria Allred's help, she's fighting for a rule that would allow transgender contestants in any country to compete in the pageant, not just those who are naturally born women, as the rule states. This morning Donald Trump, who owns the organization, called Katie Couric to talk about Talackova on "Good Morning America." He gloated about the worldwide attention the story has brought to his pageant, took a dig at Gloria Allred, and said that while pageant officials were leaning toward opening the competition up to people who weren't naturally born women "we haven’t made that decision yet." And he added another (arguably condescending) remark about how Talackova should focus on winning the pageant rather than her campaign to get the rule changed. Well at this point, plenty of people not including him are surely more of a fan of her fancy pageant talking than her fancy pageant walking.

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