Demi Moore “Addicted” to Ashton Kutcher?

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Demi Moore is “in therapy for addiction — but not for drugs,” begins a piece in the National Enquirer.

According to the supermarket trashbloid, a so-called “close friend” of Ashton Kutcher and Moore’s says, “When Demi told worried friends that she absolutely believes Ashton’s still in love with her, and asked for advice on how to win him back, they realized she’s hopelessly addicted and obsessed with her ex.”

Uh, huh…

The Enquirer goes on to claim that Moore has “even been begging her serial-cheater ex to enter couple’s therapy with her — and told him she’s desperately sorry she jumped the gun and filed for divorce so quickly.”

But when Kutcher said he wasn’t interested in reconciling, says the tab, Moore was “devastated,” and now her “therapists are trying to help her break her ‘Ashton addiction’ because it’s not healthy.”

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Here’s what’s accurate in the Enquirer story: The spelling of Moore and Kutcher’s names.

Here’s what’s inaccurate in the Enquirer story: Everything else.

Moore does not have an “Ashton addiction.”

Yes, the split was tough, but she’s moving on nicely.

Just this week she hit the red carpet for the first time in months.

A source close to Moore tells Gossip Cop that the Enquirer tale is “absolutely untrue.”

If only the tabloid were addicted to fact-checking…

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