CLAIM: Miley Cyrus Purposely Started Own Anorexia Rumors

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Miley Cyrus has been making a habit of over-sharing personal details about her life lately,” begins a piece from In Touch, which says the singer is desperate to steal the spotlight back from boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

The mag, which recently claimed that Cyrus was flashing her breasts and exercising compulsively to grab the attention back from Hemsworth’s newfound Hunger Games fame, now says she started “her own anorexia rumors!”


Yes, In Touch alleges that Cyrus, who last week tweeted a photo of her holding a bag of fast food with the caption, “I can’t eat it. So I’m just gonna smell the sh*ttttt out of it,” only did so in an effort to get her followers to speculate about her having an eating disorder.


The tabloid explains, “Miley made an attempt to defend her dramatic weight loss by claiming to have a gluten allergy, only drawing more attention to her bony body.”

A so-called “insider” for the mag adds, “Miley is willing to do anything to get attention.”

Of course.

Because the obvious response to one’s boyfriend achieving professional success is to start anorexia rumors about oneself.


A source close to Cyrus tells Gossip Cop In Touch’s latest rumor is utterly “absurd.”

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