CLAIM: Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Bloodied on Django Set, Blasts Quentin Tarantino

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According to the National Enquirer, Leonardo DiCaprio was accidentally hit in the mouth by Jamie Foxx on the Django Unchained set, allegedly leading DiCaprio to scream profanities at director Quentin Tarantino about the staging of their fight scene.

The tabloid says Foxx busted DiCaprio’s lip while he was wearing vintage handcuffs.

“When cameras rolled, Jamie — playing a bounty hunter — swung his hands up violently, hitting Leo’s wrists and slamming the cuffs into his mouth,” reports a “spy” for the Enquirer.

According to the tab’s source, “Instantly, Leo started cursing out Quentin. He was furious because they’d had a fight earlier about how the fight scene should be filmed — but Leo lost, so they did it the director’s way.”

DiCaprio allegedly screamed, “I’ve done four Martin Scorsese films without a scratch — and then I work with YOU!”

This all sounds very intense… or like the Enquirer tapped its fertile imagination and DiCaprio’s IMDB page to fabricate some drama.

A source on the set tells Gossip Cop the story is “insane” and never happened.

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