CLAIM: Lamar Odom Got Into Fight With Dirk Nowitzki 2 Days Before Mavs Split

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MediaTakeOut claims it has a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE” on why Lamar Odom announced he was parting ways with the Dallas Mavericks on Monday.

Oh, do tell!

The site reports that Khloe Kardashian’s husband and teammate Dirk Nowitzki “got into A FIGHT in the locker room” after the Mavs lost to the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night.

According to MTO, “Word in the locker room is that Dirk was unhappy with Lamar’s lack of focus and he confronted him, and when Lamar challenged Dirk back – it WAS ON.”

MediaFakeOut adds, “We hear that Dirk was GETTING THE BETTER of Lamar before teammates broke it up.”

The webloid goes on to imply that the supposed fight was the real reason behind Odom leaving the team, noting, “Two days after the altercation… Lamar got DROPPED!!!”

Wow, that would be awfully dramatic… if it were true.

But, as often is the case with MediaFakeOut’s celebrity brawl rumors, this one is completely made up.

A source close to Odom tells Gossip Cop the blog’s story is “100% ridiculous and not true.”

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