CLAIM: Lady Gaga Calls Adele “Fat Cow”

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“Since Adele swept the Grammys, Lady Gaga is worried that her star is fading,” begins a piece in Star titled, “Green-Eyed Gaga.”

According to a supposed “source” for the tab, “Gaga feels that her career may have plateaued and that she’s been eclipsed by Adele.”

The purported insider goes on to claim that Gaga is “consumed with jealousy,” and “slams Adele all the time, even referring to her as that ‘fat cow.’”


We’re certainly familiar with Star’s penchant for fabricating feuds between celebrities, but to refer to Adele in such a nasty way and attribute it to Lady Gaga is low even by the tabloid’s standards.

Gaga is a huge fan of Adele, and has even spoken about how they’ve exchanged e-mails expressing “our mutual love.”

And the “Poker Face” singer, who started her own foundation to stop bullying, publicly denounced fans on Twitter who posted insults about Adele when she surpassed Gaga last fall in worldwide record sales.

At the time Lady Gaga said, ”Anyone that would say anything negative about Adele, I wouldn’t support… I love her immensely.”

In any case, a rep for Gaga tells Gossip Cop that Star’s story is “completely untrue.”

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