CLAIM: Katy Perry Flirting with Robert Pattinson Behind Kristen Stewart’s Back

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“Is Katy Perry after Robert Pattinson?” asks In Touch.

The tabloid says the singer “crashed” Pattinson’s evening with Kristen Stewart at the Chateau Marmont on March 31.

A “witness” claims that as soon as Stewart left for the ladies’ room, Perry “made a beeline to flirt with him.”


Is this kind of like the (bogus) rumor from back in 2009 about Perry and Pattinson having “flirty fun” together?

Those reports were baseless, and this one attempting to link the two stars is just as lame.

Sources close to Perry and Pattinson tell Gossip Cop this alleged flirtation behind Stewart’s back last month never happened.

Tabloids are rushing out untrue “flirtation” rumors about both Perry and Russell Brand in the wake of their split, simply because that’s what tabloids do when they have no actual information.

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