CLAIM: Demi Moore & Gerard Butler Romance Heating Up

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Demi Moore and Gerard Butler have “rekindled an old flame” after both going through rehab stints, reports Life & Style.

The tabloid claims the stars’ shared experience has led them to form a “strong bond.”

As a so-called “insider” for Life & Style explains, “Demi and Gerard have hooked up in the past. So it makes total sense that she’d lean on him now. She feels so alone.”

Of course, the magazine provides no context or evidence for these previous alleged hookups, instead zooming straight to alarm mode.

“Gerard will hook up with anyone, and Demi is very sexual. This could turn into a huge mess,” says Life & Style’s “insider.”

The alleged source goes on to say, “If things heat up between them, it will be disastrous.”

Much like Life & Style’s reporting.

While it’s true that Butler and Moore are friendly, the notion that they’re about to light the fuse on some kind of catastrophic sexual affair is bogus tabloid speculation – and nothing more.

A source close to Moore tells Gossip Cop the story is “completely untrue.”

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