CLAIM: Angelina Jolie’s “Love Letter” to Billy Bob Thornton Threatens Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie has written a “love letter” to Billy Bob Thornton, “emasculating Brad Pitt yet again,” writes In Touch.

“It’s as if Angelina Jolie has slapped Brad Pitt square across the face,” says the tabloid, which has made it its mission to be wrong about the couple as often as possible.

So what’s the issue?

According to In Touch, Jolie has “disrespected” Pitt “in the worst way possible” by contributing the foreword to ex Thornton’s new memoir.


A so-called “source” explains that Jolie praises Thornton “for giving her the confidence to succeed in her career and in her personal life.”

“Her words are lovely. She truly speaks from the heart,” says a different “insider.”

Are we missing something?

That’s the alleged slap across Pitt’s face?

The magazine claims Pitt is “seething behind the scenes,” furious that Jolie is still so close with Thornton, whom Pitt supposedly hates.

Pitt “feels totally betrayed that Angelina contributed to his book,” a “friend” tells In Touch.

Moreover, the tabloid claims Jolie’s actions are “coldly calculated.”

“She is using her bond with Billy Bob to make Brad jealous,” explains a “source,” elaborating, “She hopes that by extending her help to her ex, Brad will be reminded that she is a free woman and can leave him.”


In Touch is trying to make the case that Angelina Jolie wrote a foreword to Billy Bob Thornton’s book as part of a plot to make Brad Pitt feel threatened about their future together?

Does the tabloid even believe this nonsense?

Jolie and Thornton used to be married, they’re on good terms, and she agreed to help him with the project, with Pitt’s knowledge.

That’s it.

A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop she and Pitt are quite happy, and that In Touch’s latest hit piece on the couple is “ludicrous.”

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