Angelina Jolie Admits She “Cheated” on Brad Pitt?

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Angelina Jolie allegedly just dropped a “bombshell” on Brad Pitt: “I Cheated On You!”

That’s the claim made by Star magazine, which says the couple had a “furious fight sparked by Angie’s admission that she cheated on him years ago.”

The actress supposedly did some “soul-searching” and decided that “letting go of all her secrets would be the healthiest thing to do,” explains a so-called “source” for Star.

But her “good intentions” allegedly led to a “bad blowup” in late March.

“Angie admitted that in 2005, during the first year she and Brad were together after he left his wife, Jennifer Aniston, she was also having a relationship behind Brad’s back with one of her ex-lovers, and it may have gone farther than she intended at that time because they shared such a deep emotional connection,” says the “source” in a quote that doesn’t even pretend to sound natural.

In any case, the Star source alleges that Pitt reacted to the “candid confession” with an “explosion of anger.”

The tabloid’s insider explains, ”Brad was livid, and he called Angie a hypocrite because she’d always hit the roof if he ever so much as mentioned Jen.”

A “vicious argument” supposedly followed, during which Pitt is said to have made Jolie cry by saying he “felt trapped and that if it wasn’t for their kids, he’d be long gone!”

Of course, as is always the case with these phony blow-ups, Star reports that “both of them calmed down eventually.”

How convenient.

Here’s the real story: There was no emotional “bombshell” and no vicious fight.

Since neither Pitt nor Jolie is “cheating” on the other, tabloids keep desperately manufacturing supposed infidelities to create drama in the couple’s relationship.

It’s not true.

Star consistently prints bogus claims about Pitt and Jolie, none of which is ever mirrored by events in reality.

As sources close to Pitt and Jolie tell Gossip Cop, the couple is happy and the alleged “bombshell” fight is “100 percent false.”

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