10 Things Everyone Should Know About The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

New details have emerged about the allegation that Secret Service agents paid for (or in some cases failed to pay for) prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia. Here's what we know so far.

A Secret Service agent in DC.

(Getty Images / Win McNamee)

1. Eleven Secret Service members and 10 military personnel are accused of bringing up to 21 women back to their hotel in Cartagena.

That would be the Hotel Caribe, on the night of Wednesday, April 11 — three days prior to President Obama delivered remarks at the Summit of the Americas. It's unclear whether all of the women were prostitutes, but at least one self-identifies as an escort (more on that in a minute). The members of the military involved include two dog handlers, a Green Beret, and several explosives experts.

2. Three Secret Service members have already left over the scandal.

One was fired, another forced to resign, and a third has retired. Two of them were supervisors.

Secret Service agents in Cartagena.

(AP / Fernando Llano)

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