Who Was Fired on Celebrity Apprentice?

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On Sunday, “The Celebrity Apprentice” teams had the unusual task of creating a viral video – for a mop.

Tia Carrere stepped up to lead the women’s team Forte, which soon decided that their video would feature each member using innuendos and talking about their number of mop “partners.”

Lou Ferrigno and the men’s team Unanimous had a harder time agreeing on their premise, leading to some frustrations and outbursts.

An argument between Clay Aiken and Penn Teller, regarding the magician’s “condescending” treatment of Ferrigno, led to increased tensions for the rest of the day.

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The group eventually decided to have Ferrigno, a bodybuilder, play against type, dancing humorously – and suggestively – with the mop.

Interestingly, though both teams decided to use the mop as an “object of desire,” it was the men who ultimately did it more successfully, winning the challenge.

In the boardroom, divisions between the women bubbled to the surfaced as they argued over which member was the weakest player.

After much sniping back and forth, Carrere chose to throw herself “on the knife,” taking full responsibility for her team’s loss.

Donald Trump followed her lead, and immediately said, “You’re fired.”

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